1. Mando castro says:

    Wow great site…. mando

  2. Jessie AKA Dr. J STAR 106 says:

    Great Music Love it keep it up

  3. P.B.T. says:

    This is a Kool Site.!
    Tejano Rush



    great page…found it by chance. i’ve been looking for la raza humilde songs on youtube for years and i finally found one my favorite song. i was wondering if you have other austin acts like manny and the c.o’s,street people or blue harmony (patsy torres, dee from culturas.

    • compa compa says:

      Yessir, we sure do.. also,Alfonso ramos, Dave Gutierrez, Salaman, la Pachanga band, Shorty and the Corvettes, Manuel Donley, Manny and the COs y mas…oh, street people, you will find some on this playlist as well. you can also write us at Thank You.

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    Norteno Regional


  • Welcome to!

    The goal is to share our Musical Library and knowledge of Conjunto, Tejano, Norteño, Tex-Mex Norteño, Mariachi, Ranchera, etc...

    We hope to bring you a variety of the old and new music that has been and continues to be part of our culture. Like my wife says "Musica alegra el corazon" so that is what we intend to do.

    The process of gathering and converting vinyl to digital is lengthy, but we will continue to work effortlessly to bring you some treasures.

    You may reach me at We would like to get your feedback on how we can make this one of your favorite internet music sites. We would also like to add that we support all military personnel and families.

    Muchas Gracias por su apoyo,

    Oscar (Compa) y Dulcez Martinez.